Exceptional web experiences,
crafted with passion.

Hej! I am Fabian, a visual product designer and frontend developer, creating high-quality web experiences for your unique needs.

Frontend Development

Looking for a custom website or web app? Clean, unique and fully customizeable?

Let me know what your dream project is all about.

Visual Design

You're in the process of shaping the design vision of your new product?

Let me take it to the next level by creating unique, beautiful and user-friendly UIs.

Design Systems

Crafting Design Systems without a point to start is hard.

I have the experience to build a successful design system for you or your client.

Selected Projects — what yours could look like.

Developing the cryptocurrency comparison platform Kryptovergleich.de

In collaboration with Philipp D. as a project lead and Danilo L. as a visual designer, I've developed and continuously maintain kryptovergleich.de

Crafting the Brand, Design System and UX Design of finanzwissen.de

Together with an awesome team of founders, writers, the lead developer Marco and me, I've created the new Brand, Design System and UX of finanzwissen.de

Chatdesk – Improving an enterprise React app

I assisted the Chatdesk team in integrating a fresh design language into their pre-existing web application while successfully transitioning the functionality, state management, and API connections from class components to more efficient hooks.

Smart Design – Creating and maintaining a Design System for immowelt.de

Together with the UX & Frontend team, between 2019 and 2022, I created and maintained a new design system for all immowelt Products, while also working on projects like the new builds project detail page.

  • immowelt.de
  • Design Systems
  • Figma
  • Typography
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Workshops

Developing the new Rodinger laundry facility web appearance together with hhd. Werbeagentur, Erlangen

Built around the modern, headless CMS Storyblok, we build the new web appearance to be fast, dynamic and component-based.

Building Dubai’s Blush & Berry Online Store experience

It was a pleasure for me to build a custom e-commerce experience for Blush & Berry – A new gift box service in Dubai.

  • Brand Design
  • Nuxt
  • Shopify
  • TailwindCSS
  • Visual Design

Cook it! – A social media cookbook concept

In the modern world of social media, there is no longer a single recipe book. Create recipes, share them, inspire yourself – This is the concept of Cook it!

  • Interactive Prototype
  • React Native
  • UX Concept
  • Visual Design